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Shadows of the Past

Our dramatized evening walks through McLeod Street Pioneer Cemetery return again this year following our huge success last year.
The performance dates will be 25th & 26th July; 8th & 9th August; 2 performanses on the 22nd August;one at 6.15pm and the other at 8pm ; 6th September, 2 performances also, one commencing 6.15pm and the other at 8pm.  Walks should takce approximately 1hr 15 mins.

Entry is $5 per person and bookings are now open through Trybooking only - click on either of the following web addresses to make your booking.


As we are just about fully booked for this event, you are welcome to place your name on a "Wait List'  - Email your details to
or ohone 4031 8118 during library hours 10am to 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 


Go to website
Follow the instructions on the right hand side of the page
1. Sign up for a free account. Use your name and email address
2. Select “Cairns and District Family History Society Inc” as the ‘Family History Centre’
3. The LDS Admin will send an email to your home email address which you will need to access BEFORE you can proceed further
4. Confirm your account
5. Return to the “Search Page”, using the above website address if necessary
6. “Loan Type”, select ‘Short Term Microfilm Loan’
7. Add ‘Film Number’ found previously from the ‘Family Search’ IGI pages, and follow instructions
8. Use your own Credit/Debit Card number. Payment will be in Australian dollars @ $7.75 per film
9. If the system does not accept the input, check that the number you have is for a film – not a microfiche. If it is a microfiche then for ‘Loan Type’, selection “Extended Mircofiche Loan’
10. You will then receive a phone call or email to notify you that the film/s ordered are at the Society’s rooms for viewing. Once you have finished viewing the film/s the Society will return them to LDS.
Please note: If ordering from the Society’s computers, members must bring their own email address and password, credit/debit card details with them to the rooms, because the LDS send an email to your home address for confirmation before you can proceed.
For further information please email our Films Co-ordinator, Peter Mortimer at this Cairns & District Family History Society.


The Editor of CDFHS Journal "Origins" is looking for interesting stories and articles to publish in the Journal.
Please email the Society for further details or to submit an article







Have Your Own Personalised Family History Web Page!

Have you considered creating your own web page about your family history? Our web designer Tim Koch can assist members in developing a web page attached to the Cairns & District Family History Society's Web site. A link to your page will be placed on the Member's Interests page.

When your web page gets published your information is found on the internet by other researchers. These people can then help you to further your research.

For instance, go to Google and search for "William Jones Sarah Newman". The CDFHS website comes up number one on the results list! This could be you and your research too!

To see this CLICK HERE.

For more details contact Tim on

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